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Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism (CIM)

Dr. Ronan M. G. Berg, MD, PhD

Contact info Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET
Blegdamsvej 9
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: +45 35 45 35 39
Email: ronan@dadlnet.dk
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Curriculum Research areas
Cerebral pathophysiology of critical illness
Cardiovascular, renal and pulmonary physiology
Medical education
Medical ethics

2009: MD, University of Copenhagen
2014: PhD (Health Sciences), University of Copenhagen

Research positions
2005-2013: Research associate, Centre of Inflammation & Metabolism, Rigshospitalet
2007: Visiting researcher, Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
2011 and 2014: Visiting researcher, Neurovascular Research Laboratory, University of South Wales, UK

Teaching positions
2011- : Associate lecturer of physiology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen
2013: Clinical teacher, emergency medicine, Aarhus University
2013-2014: Clinical teacher, psychiatry, Aarhus University
2015- : Lecturer of respiratory pathophysiology, fellowship programme in respiratory medicine
2015- : External examiner (Health Sciences)

Clinical positions
2009: Registrar (reservelæge), Department of Internal Medicine, Nykøbing Falster Hospital
2013: Foundation Doctor (reservelæge), Department of Internal Medicine, Randers Hospital
2013-2014: Foundation Doctor (reservelæge), Department of Psychiatry, Randers Hospital
2014- : Specialty Registrar (reservelæge), Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET, Rigshospitalet

Reviewing tasks
American Heart Journal, American Journal of Physiology, Annals of Medicine, BMJ Case Reports, Experimental Physiology, Journal of Biological Physics, Journal of Critical Care, Neurochemistry International, Neuroscience, PLoS ONE, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical & Laboratory Investigation, Shock, Springer

Honours and awards
OSVAL award (2nd place), Danish Medical Society, Copenhagen 2009
Oral presentation (3rd place), Danish Society of Anaesthsesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Copenhagen 2011
Best poster award (winner), Physiological Socety, Oxford 2011
Best poster award (runner up), Physiological Society, Edinburgh 2012
Pfizer Prize for Physiology, Physiological Society, London 2014
Conflicts of Interest None to declare.
Ronan M. G. Berg
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